Who we are

We are a dynamically growing company, a part of ARC Europe Group that operates internationally. We specialise in roadside assistance.

We offer services for other companies (B2B): car manufacturers (OEMs), leasing and car fleet management companies (CFMs), insurers and other entities operating in automotive industry. Everyday we provide our business partners with the best roadside assistance service by arranging help and providing mobility of their customers.

Who we are

Our business in numbers


cars covered by assistance

210 000

cases closed yearly

300 000

phones answered yearly

ARC Europe Group

We are a part of ARC Europe Group that operates internationally. It is an organisation founded by key European automobile clubs. ARC Europe is the biggest roadside assistance service provider in Europe, operating in more than 40 countries. Our cooperation with the Group allows us to provide roadside assistance and mobility all over Europe, 24/7/365.

ARC Europe in numbers

42 mln

cars covered by our assistance

41 000

patrol cars

4 000


ARC Europe Group

What makes us unique

We specialise in cars and roadside assistance

We have decided to focus on mobility; we base our actions on our expertise, technical competences and passion for cars.

We specialise in cars and roadside assistance

We provide high efficiency of repair on spot

Restoring mobility of our customers is our priority. We make every effort to remove breakdowns on spot or remotely, via phone, on the basis of data from a car.

We provide high efficiency of repair on spot

We use latest technology

We apply technologies that simplify processes and improve customer experience.

We use latest technology

We offer convenient customer care

We want roadside assistance service to be simple and convenient for our customers.

We offer convenient customer care

We guarantee best price

We offer companies best service at best price. We minimise their stress connected with providing mobility for their customers.

We guarantee best price



Ready, steady, go!


First B2B client appears


We start cooperation with VW Group (Skoda, Seat)


We extend cooperation with VW Group and add VW and Audi


We start cooperation with Ford and Opel


We implement first diagnostic tool


We buy advanced patrol cars for our fleet - "Mobile mechanics"


We welcome our first CFM client - LeasePlan


We implement eCall for Peugeot and Citroen


We welcome other CFM companies - ALD and Business Lease


We boast 500,000 customers


We cover 1 million cars


We implement ICS - geolocation


We implement eCall for Jaguar and Land Rover


We launch services for another CFM company - Carefleet


We implement ATLAS - one of the most innovative solutions on the market


We start cooperation with PSA Group and Renault Group


Management Team

Marek Zefirian
Marek Zefirian

President of the Board / CEO

The graduate of Poznań University of Economics and EAP Europäische Wirtschaftshochschule (MBA) in Berlin. He has got many years’ experience in consulting, gained during work in the team of Management Consulting Ernst & Young. Since 2003, Marek has been President of the Board of Starter24 sp. z o.o. Apart from his love for work, he is also a great food lover who is able to find unique and outstanding food start-ups in every European city.

Marta Reinsch
Marta Reinsch

HR Director

The graduate of Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, she boasts great expertise in the field of HR in the sector of sales and shared services; among others, she worked in IKEA Retail for 15 years and in IKEA Business Service Center 8 years, as of the first day of that shared service. She is also a passionate trainer and coach of leader skills.

Waldemar Kułagowski
Waldemar Kułagowski

Sales Director

The graduate of Poznań University of Economics, where he was granted Master’s and Doctor’s degree in economics. He has got great professional experience in the field of insurance, including work as an insurance broker in Marsh. In his private life, Waldek is optimistic, reliable and friendly, he is also a loving father and husband. He loves running, recently accompanied by his dog.

Paweł Zawisza
Paweł Zawisza

Business Development Director

The graduate of Law and Administration at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. An expert and manager with many years’ expertise gained during work for various financial institutions, e.g. Concordia, BZWBK-Aviva (at present Santander-Aviva). He promotes high ethic standards in business. In his private life Paweł has got two hobbies: horse riding and making home-made liqueurs.

Krzysztof Pająk
Krzysztof Pająk

Financial Director

Krzysztof graduated from Finance and Banking at Poznań University of Economics. He also completed MBA studies at Georgia State University. He started his professional carrier as a consultant at BDO and continued it successfully as the Financial Controller in Eurocash. He is fascinated with new technologies and a healthy lifestyle: he trains, runs and eats healthily. A restless spirit. Krzysztof has got many great ideas and happily shares them with others.

Sebastian Baranowski
Sebastian Baranowski

IT Director

He graduated from Poznań University of Technology where he studied Electronics and Telecommunications. He speaks English fluently. He has got many years’ expertise as a business analyst, consultant and IT manager working in telecommunications sector (T-Mobile, NetWorkS!, 4Contact). In his private life Sebastian is a husband and father of two sons, in his free time he loves hiking together with them.

Rafał Staszkiewicz
Rafał Staszkiewicz

Marketing Director

The graduate of Marketing at Poznań University of Economics. He gained great experience in management as he managed demanding companies and start-ups. Among others, he worked for DGA, Kulczyk Holding, Infor Biznes and Integer.pl Group. He is an expert of online and mobile communication. In his private life, Rafał is an enthusiast of sailing, windsurfing, Japanese culture and swordsmanship and jazz. He spends his free time doing training, running with his dog and playing his beloved Fender.

Eryk Kuczyński
Eryk Kuczyński

acting Operations Director

He has over 10 years of professional experience in the area of Call Center, where he developed his carrier from Consultant to Project Coordinator. He worked on projects for Microsoft, Shell and MasterCard. He is married and has two children. They love spending time together as a family, especially on escapades. In his free time he reads about new technologies, rides a bike and does puzzles.

Our values


We commit to our customers and deliver what we promise

Teamwork and excellence

We believe in teamwork and promote excellence

Value creation and innovation

We strive for value, creation and innovation

Respect and integrity

We behave respectfully and with integrity